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The cameras are located on a farm in southeast Indiana, USA, and I have been streaming video from here since January 2010. The wildlife you will see on my site is all free range and living daily in their natural habitat. There is a creek running through the property which provides about 1,300 feet of creek bank on each side.

Currently, there are 2 cams in operation, “Cam-01, Main Feeder Cam” and “Cam-02, Creek Cam”, with plans developing for 3 more cameras. I am able to operate up to 16 cameras and switch them as needed to capture wildlife in action. Eventually, motion cams will be installed as well as PanTiltZoom (PTZ) cameras.

The Creek Cam gets widest range of wildlife activity and hosts a serene view with vibrant color and clarity in the wildlife. It is located about 600 feet from our home and is a very nice walk in the mornings or evenings since the wildlife is hand fed every day with a mix of corn, cracked corn and black oil sunflower seeds.

The Main Feeder Cam is located in a wooded area on the property. There is an automatic feeder in the center of the area suspended from a tree. The feeder timing is set according to wildlife activity. This camera also has a very nice close-up view of the wildlife. While this cam does get bird activity, we see a lot of squirrels here.

In 2011 I anticipate planting about 6 acres of farm ground in warm season grasses which, after it becomes established over about 1 year, will provide a natural habitat for Quail and songbird varieties. This project will be made possible through a subsidy program by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and will go a long way in creating a natural habitat to attract more critters to TheCritterWindow. Once that project is up and running, I will start on another and eventually would like to have all of the farm ground converted into sustainable wildlife habitat and wildlife resources.

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